Hi! Can you share the story behind your latest single “A Different Kind Of Year”? What inspired you to write this song, and what message do you hope listeners take away from it?

A: I wrote this one in Feb 2021 up in Mount Charleston, Nevada with Kevin and Kane Churko. The song is an upbeat feel good country song for country people. It’s about enjoying the little things in life and not taking them for granted. Time with friends, family and your loved ones. I want this song to make you feel good, positive, optimistic and smile while you sing along to it.

As a platinum-certified, dual-genre artist, how do you blend elements from different musical genres in your work, and specifically, how did this influence the creation of “A Different Kind Of Year”?

A: I grew up on Haggard, Waylon, Brad Paisley and Shania…but also Bryan Adams, Rush, Ozzy and Pantera. Country rock is really who I am and what I love. The heart, soul and storytelling of country music and the energy and stomp of rock n roll!

Your collaboration with Kevin Churko has produced remarkable results in the past. How did this partnership influence the sound and production of “A Different Kind Of Year”? Can you share any memorable moments from working together on this track?

A: Kevin and I are both drummers who appreciate a wide variety of artist and music but he actually wrote and produced one of my favourite albums growing up “black rain” by Ozzy. he really understands where I want to go and what I want to do and when you have his brilliance in both songwriting and producing it’s not only fun creating with him but it can be easy especially when we’re thinking and feeling the same way about a song or idea. “A Different Kind of Year” is a perfect example of that!

“A Different Kind Of Year” is described as a post-pandemic, feel-good anthem. How did the global pandemic influence your music and creative process, and why did you choose now to release a song with such a theme?

A: I mean I think it helped in a lot of ways. I wrote a lot, recorded nearly 30 new songs and finally got my pilots licence. We are planning to announce more tours, music and a brand new album and we wanted to kick that off with an upbeat country song for what’s going to be a different kind of year for my team and I in the best way possible!

With the upcoming release of your sophomore album, can you give us a sneak peek into what themes or stories you’re exploring in this new project?

A: I can say that I don’t think you’ve heard an album like this. From Haggard, church mixed with Bryan Adams, Ozzy and Pantera. This one is special!

How has your approach to music evolved since your debut album? Are there any new musical directions or experiments we can expect in your forthcoming album?

A: I think you’re always trying to grow as an artist or writer at least I think you should be and always go a little or completely out of that box at times. Just trying to outdo the last record or song. This album is country, bluegrass, hardrock and even metal!

Reflecting on your journey, what have been some of the biggest challenges and triumphs you’ve experienced in your music career?

A: COUNTRY RADIO HAS Always been a struggle for me and I know I have some great country music that country fans are gonna wanna hear and sing along to. It’s always a challenge when you don’t conform or “do as you’re told” but I’m just trying to be creative and give the fans, the listeners something they’re gonna love when they hear it.

Your music spans multiple genres and has earned you a diverse fan base. How do you navigate these genre boundaries, and what do you think attracts listeners to your music?

A: I don’t give myself boundaries. I think it’s just different in some ways and in many ways too. When they hear it, they realise it’s not the same story, sang and told the same way.

Beyond the upcoming album, do you have any other projects or collaborations in the works that you can share with your fans?

A: There is a lot going on that I’m excited to share soon!

Finally, looking to the future, what are your long-term goals as an artist? Are there any specific milestones or achievements you’re aiming for in the next few years?


  • A country radio hit
  • More rock radio hits
  • Another major US tour
  • Special features from the rock and country world
  • some Australian and UK tour dates!