Hi! Can you share the inspiration behind writing “Merry Christmas Darling” and how it relates to your personal life?

A: I met Josie at a party at Christmas time. Our first date was on the ice at Hampton Court Palace. We had a beautiful year and we went skating again to mark our first anniversary where I surprised her by proposing on the ice with an antique diamond ring. She accepted! : Yay!!

Spectacular!! Unexpectedly, the ice photographer caught my proposal on film. I wanted to mark the occasion by writing a song for her. Merry Christmas Darling, my new Christmas single is the result.

How did the process of creating the music video for “Merry Christmas Darling” come about, and what was it like incorporating your personal memories into the video?

A: I wanted to tell our story as best I could, so I used pictures and video from our first date and also pictures from our actual engagement which were kindly gifted to us by the ice photographer. I weaved these together with new footage.

We had so much fun making the video. It is totally handmade by us and we incorporated family, friends and our dog into it. It was shot in eighteen different locations including Yellow Shark recording studios in Cheltenham for the party scene, the place where I actually recorded the song.

How has your background in dance and performing with your brother influenced your music and the creation of “Merry Christmas Darling”?

A: I have been working as a solo artist for a long time but I guess everything in your past has an impact on your future in some way.

Your 2019 album “Crush Hour” received airplay on over 100 FM stations across the UK. How do you think “Merry Christmas Darling” builds upon the success of that album?

A: It is hard when you start out as a totally unknown newcomer. The album enabled me to begin to build contacts. So it’s easier to get back in touch with people who have endorsed your work in the past.

What was it like working with producer Simon Toulson-Clarke on “Merry Christmas Darling,” and how did his experience contribute to the final product?

A: Simon is a great guy to work with as he carefully listens to your concept and endeavours to enhance it. I really enjoyed working with him. I hope we’ll do more together in the future. We had good times.

How do you think “Merry Christmas Darling” stands out among other holiday songs, and what makes it special to you?

A: Obviously I’m biased but I think it’s a beautiful song with meaning. I wrote it for the love of my life. I hope it strikes a chord with the public. Of course you will always have the classics that we all know and love and I hope Merry Christmas Darling stands comfortably beside them.

Can you share any memorable moments or challenges you faced while recording “Merry Christmas Darling”?

A: It went really well. Simon is a great producer. A master of his craft. The band were on the case. We all got into the Christmas Spirit and had a wonderful time recording. Yes, they are live sleigh bells which I played!

How do you hope listeners will connect with “Merry Christmas Darling” during the holiday season?

A: We all need a little light in these troubled times and I hope that my song will offer that warmth, positivity and love.

What can fans expect from your music and performances in the coming year?

A: I’m working on new material and I aim to keep bringing the feel good.