Hi! “Rudiment” is your debut album. How does it feel to have your first album out there in the world?

A: It feels insane! I have been working on these songs for a few years and can finally share them with everyone! I loved every minute of writing and recording this album so I definitely enjoyed the process but I am still so happy that it’s out in the world and hopefully everyone will love it as much as I do 😀

Your album has been described as an “undeniable attention grabber”. What do you think makes it stand out?

A: Wow! That’s great to hear! I believe the album is truly a mixture of a few different genres – pop/rock/dance but also with a little sprinkle of blues in between so that definitely helps to make it stand out and also to capture a wider audience. I also think it is the catchy hooks and rhythms that suck you in and get stuck in your head and keep you singing it hours later.

The album includes the singles “Influence” and “The Show is Never Over”. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind these songs?

A: “Influence” was inspired by a relationship my friend was going through a few years ago. She was with someone who she felt was incredibly toxic and bad for her but at the same time he was like a magnet that kept pulling her back and she felt pulled in by his “influence” but at the same time he made her feel a certain way that made her want to keep going back for more.
“The Show is Never Over” is such an empowering song. It is so incredibly catchy and poppy which instantly makes you feel good but the meaning behind the lyrics are: never give up on your dreams and never stop trying to make them happen – it may take longer than you thought and might be a little harder but never give up and always keep pushing.

The music video for “Influence” is described as a piece of art in its own right. Can you share some insights into the creative process behind it?

A: Wow that’s amazing to hear! Creating this music video was so much fun. I filmed it with a very cool German Videographer called Markus Schuetz and we filmed it in an old abandoned hospital in the mountains of Cyprus.
The crumbling wallpaper and rubble all over the floor symbolises the carnage in her mind and relationship and she is being filmed walking through the abandoned halls getting completely lost again reflecting the way she feels with this person who has this “influence” over her! On the other hand, the light turquoise walls and the light coming in are both incredibly bright thus reflecting the light and colour still inside of her and at the end she is seen running away from this “influence”, hopefully escaping his grasp.

Your music has been compared to artists like P!nk, Evanescence, and Imagine Dragons. How have these artists influenced your sound?

A: These are 3 of my favourite artists so being compared to them is amazing!! Evanescence were a huge part of my music growing up and I love how Amy Lee uses pop, rock, goth and metal genres in most of her songs – it is genius! I also love how Imagine Dragons use rhythm and fast paces lyrics to create catchy hooks which I definitely try to incorporate. I definitely hope their music have influenced my sound because these artists have inspired me for years! I try to include elements of pop and rock with catchy hooks, funky rhythms and clever lyricism which all of these artists use so if I sound anything like any of these artists then I am a very happy musician.

You’ve already garnered quite a fanbase, including some notable names like Sandi Thom, Paul Barber, and Colin Farrell. How does it feel to have such high-profile fans?

A: It is very cool! I messaged Sandi the other day and wished her all the best with her new music and who knows maybe one day we could collaborate. Colin Farrell was super cool when I met him a few years ago and was incredibly sweet as was Paul Barber! I’m very lucky to have met and worked with such amazing people!

When I supported Sandi Thom, I was shaking I was so nervous but it was a great night of music under the stars and such a great memory! 

The song “The Show is Never Over” embodies your spirit of perseverance. Can you share a bit about your journey and how you’ve persevered in your music career?

A: This song absolutely reflects myself to the core as I have been writing and performing music since I was 15 and feel that I have finally found the right team, support, producer and musical family to be able to take my career to the next step. I’ve played some awful gigs in the past but also some incredible ones that I will never forget but I believe in timing and know that having done all of those terrible gigs in the past has made me a better musician overall. Working hard for all of those years is finally paying off!

Your music blends elements of blues rock and pop. How did you develop this unique sound?

A: To be honest, this comes from loving all of these genres so much that I couldn’t possibly write a song without any of them being present. I am inspired by so many different genres that I think they all pop out when I feel inspired and they appear in my songs one way or another whether it be in the music, the guitar riff, the lyrics or the way I sing and I am incredibly proud of that.
It also depends on my mood when I am writing. If I am in an upbeat happy mood, I’ll want to write an uptempo pop song. But if I’m in a bluesy kinda mood, then blues it is. It really depends on what is going on with me at the time and what mood I’m in.

The album “Rudiment” consists of 11 tracks. Can you share the process of selecting which songs made it to the album?

A: My manager and I have a very simple approach to this – if it gets stuck in our head after we have written it or have listened to it, then it stays on the album! Our aim is to write music that we love and that is meaningful to us but will also catch the listener’s attention as much as it does ours.
If we can’t get it out of our head’s, then hopefully the listener won’t be able to either.

Now that “Rudiment” is released, what’s next for you? Can fans expect any upcoming tours or new music in the near future?

A: Absolutely! We have some exciting things going on in the background at the minute – for example I signed a contract with a huge PR Company in London – QUITE GREAT MEDIA – and amazing things are coming from this and at the minute. I am also rehearsing with my band to get a tour started hopefully early next year so fingers crossed for a tour very soon!
All of the info will appear on my socials – Facebook & Instagram so keep an eye out on those for all the details and exciting things coming with DEWAR 😀