Hello, it’s great to have the opportunity to chat with you. Who is Drosz?

A: Hey, thank you for having me. I’m a regular music artist from the Bronx, NY trying to express myself through the art of music. My artist name used to be ronregula but I wanted to keep it simple so I changed it to my last name and removed the s and put a z at the end for a little flair.

I’m interested in how you began your musical journey. Did you always know that this was your desired path?

A: I began doing music being involved with my church youth choir at around 9 or 10. My mother always had me in church and I remember telling her I was bored of going and didn’t want to anymore so her advise to me was to maybe get involved in the youth choir. From that point on, I enjoyed going to church but mostly the rehearsals and being around my friends is what I enjoyed the most. I was always around music from young so I knew it would play a role down the line as I got older, I just didn’t know in what capacity. I just always loved being around it. As I got older, probably I’m my early teens is when I got introduced to actually being in the studio and being around producers and engineers and that was due to my uncle being in the industry.

Congratulations on the release of ‘Feel This Way’. Could you please provide us with some insight into it?

A: Thank you! I appreciate it. Feel This Way was a song my cousin and myself created just off straight vibe and chemistry. This track and some more music fans will hear down the line are all posthumous tracks produced my cousin RIC808 who passed away earlier this year. We were putting together an EP with Dance/House music being the main genre, plus working on other music just to stay sharp. Feel This Way was basically created off a conversation my cousin and I were having in the studio, like we always do, about different relationship topics we discussed. So you’ll definitely hear some of that in the song.

How do you ensure your continuous growth and development as an artist?

A: I plan to ensure my growth and development by just staying consistent and learn as I go. The industry is changing ever so fast so learning and being able to be open minded to understanding different things will be huge. Consistency is huge, I feel for all things you attempt to do, consistency plays a big part in it so if you try to master that, you will be successful.

What can we anticipate from your upcoming releases in terms of style and sound? How will they differ from your previous works?

A: It was just brought to my attention that I make tracks depending on how I feel in that moment. Looking back at the tracks that I’ve already released you can see and hear that. I discography is not huge at the moment but I have a little R&B, dance, EDM as some of my songs so as of right now, it’s whatever feels right. As an independent artist you kind of have that flexibility, unless your fans specifically tell you, like “yo, we want an album from you” I feel releasing singles and being creative, with different styles and experimenting is where my mind will be at and will most likely be what the fans hear. Like I stated earlier, the next couple of tracks you hear will be songs my cousin and I created so you’ll definitely hear different, unique type of tracks.

Where are you located? Can you share with us how the local music scene has influenced your sound in any way?

A: I’m currently located in the Hudson valley in New York but my family used to live in the Bronx. I wouldn’t say the local music scene here has influenced mu sound but the music scene from the city has definitely influenced our soumd and gow we create music. My uncle E.I and my cousin were the main producers, and RIC was a DJ in the city so he would be around different types of music. When RIC went into producer mode was when you heard all the influences that helped us create what you hear now. Late nights in Williamsburg Brooklyn helped us create the actual song Williamsburg, which is out now, you definitely want to check that track out as well. Moments of us being in the city, whether it was just him, me or both of us at the same time, being in the city definitely influenced our sound and what we were creating.

If you had the opportunity to perform at any venue worldwide, which one would you choose and why?

A: I haven’t performed live in a long time. The last time I performed live was for the McDonald’s Gospel Fest back in 2006 when we first started doing music. Honestly, I would love to perform in a small venue, like Terminal 5 which is down in NYC. I think that would be a good testing ground to see what I can do and to see if the people like what I’m bringing to my live performances. The saying goes, “if you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere”.

Can we anticipate a forthcoming EP or album from you soon?

A: The current plan is to drop singles. We want to get these songs me and my cousins were working on to get out. We might drop a few of the singles as an EP but we have to sit and discuss that. I will only do an album if people want to hear that from me. If I know listeners want that from me than I would put my all into putting together a dope project.

Finally, do you have anything to share about upcoming gigs? Also, what plans do you have for 2024?

A: At the moment we don’t have any gigs confirmed but we are working with some local promoters to see if we can make that happen. I also have my MOONK clothing that we started 3 months ago which I am super excited about. We are getting the inventory together but there are pieces currently available that I think people will dig. Overall for 2024, I’m just looking to keep God first and continue to ask him to guide me in all that I do.