Hi! You started learning piano and bass guitar at just 6 years old. How do you think this early start in music influenced your approach to creating songs like ‘Kingz 2 Godz’?

A: Playing instruments young helped structure the way I hear music and create it to this day. Having a musical background was definitely an advantage and allowed me to become much more creative as I grew up

During your middle school years, you transitioned to aspiring DJ and Music Producer. Can you share how this shift impacted your artistic style, particularly in your work on ‘Kingz 2 Godz’?

A: I grew up in a pro-hip hop era, so the late 90’s & early 2000’s made me appreciate all the aspects of the culture & allowed me to develop a sound that is nostalgic of that time period.

Your partnership with Eastwood Slim as Mack & Blizz was a significant step in your early career. How did this experience shape your later solo projects, including ‘Kingz 2 Godz’?

A: That was our first attempt to taking music serious, but then my best friend ended up incarcerated for the next 13 years. We stayed in touch the entire time & he always pushed / motivated me to never stop working or evolving. 

After earning your BFA in Audio Production, how have you applied your academic learnings to your music production, particularly in ‘Kingz 2 Godz’?

A: College really helped me sharpen my skill set and understand the dynamics of production all around the board. I feel like I’ve had a consistent professional sound ever since I earned my degree. 

You’ve held roles as a Recording Engineer, Visual Director/Editor, Creative Content Curator, and Fashion Designer. How do these diverse experiences feed into the creative process for a track like ‘Kingz 2 Godz’?

A: I think pursuing multiple roles allowed me to have a bigger creative approach with my music. In my opinion, different experiences, acquiring knowledge, traveling to new places & being introduced to new cultures will make you more well rounded in life. 

As a co-founder of Mack Attack Productions, Inc., how does running an independent label influence the way you produce and promote your music?

A: It gives me 100% creative control over every musical aspect, as well as the business side of things, but it’s definitely a lot more work & financial hardship involved. Being able to have the final say over my artistic decisions is liberating though. 

Can you delve into the lyrical themes of ‘Kingz 2 Godz’ and what personal experiences or beliefs influenced the songwriting?

A: I think the culmination of life experiences in the past few years directly influenced my writing process. People showing you love on social media, but secretly hating on you in real life. But also, enjoying life around beautiful women has always played a big role in the story telling aspect of my music. 

Given your diverse background and evolving style, what can fans expect in terms of musical direction in your future projects?

A: I’m going to keep evolving & if that means changing my sound then so be it. My sound has been very underground & true to form in terms of hip hop. But now I’m more focused on creating hits & something that can breakthrough on a commercial level. 

With your extensive experience in various facets of the music industry, what advice would you give to young artists aspiring to carve out a career similar to yours?

A: Stay true to yourself and stay consistent. Hard work beats talent, if talent don’t work hard, so keep working & don’t stop grinding. The hard work will pay off eventually, but you have to stay patient.