Hi! Can you share with us the inspiration behind your song “Colorado”? What personal experiences or stories influenced its creation?

A:  I based the story of “Colorado” around the song “Tequila” by Dan & Shay.

The lyrics of “Colorado” are very evocative and emotional. Could you walk us through your process of lyric writing for this song?

A: I started with the chorus for “Colorado.”  It wasn’t until I had the chorus completed that I started thinking about Dan & Shay’s “Tequila” and the references.  I think subconsciously I have always wanted to know what happened to the couple outlined in Dan & Shay’s song.  You get the guy’s memories in “Tequila”, but what caused the relationship to ultimately fail?  So I wanted to write my own story of what happened.

What message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from “Colorado”?

A: I hope it gives a sense of nostalgia of a first love.  Although the relationship fails and results in heartbreak, I think there is still something worth remembering about a first love and believing anything is possible in that moment. 

Can you tell us about any challenges you faced during the writing, production, or recording of “Colorado”?

A: Honestly the entire process of “Colorado” was pretty simple.  I found it difficult to get to the studio in 2023 because of the amount of time I spent on the road touring.  That was probably the biggest challenge.  I initially wanted to release Colorado in late October, but things got delayed.  I was also very picky about the words for “Colorado” and ended up changing lyrics of the second verse a few times.  

How does “Colorado” fit into the larger narrative of your musical career? Does it mark a new direction or continuation of your artistic journey?

A: Musically, “Colorado” has a lot less bells and whistles on the production.  I want this next project to be very simplistic as far as the elements used.  My earlier projects have had those little “pop” type elements and I want this next project to be clearly country.

Reflecting on your career so far, how have your musical influences and style evolved over the years?

A: I think the first couple projects were me trying to find my style and voice.  I started in Christian music and I felt like I had to be the quintessential Contemporary Christian artist….meaning everything had to be upbeat and positive.  I also kept myself in a very tight box of influence and was afraid to bring in other influences.  Frankly, I don’t care about that now.  If a song is more rock, then it’s more rock.  I care more about the truth I’m expressing now than maintaining a clear genre or image.

Are there any artists or producers you dream of collaborating with in the future? How do you think their style would complement yours?

A: I am open to anything.  I think that’s the fun of music.  It has always been how I challenge myself and break out of my comfort zone, so I am open to anything.  

Do you have any upcoming projects or albums that you’re currently working on? Can you give us a sneak peek into what to expect?

A: Yes.  I am currently working on a throwback to 90’s country project.  “Colorado” is the first single from that project. You can expect more storytelling and a return to more acoustic instruments and simplistic production.