Hi! Milena, “distant” highlights the effects of technology on relationships. How did your personal experiences shape this narrative?

A: I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a long time, everyone knows it’s not easy, and I think at the time I was particularly upset that I couldn’t be present in my partner’s life whilst I was watching him have so much fun… I was working a lot at the time, I was always exhausted, unhappy, and when you are having a hard time it’s even harder to watch your other half have fun without you you know…

The single “distant” explores the nuances of long-distance ‘situationships’. What message do you hope listeners take away?

A: I personally find it heartbreaking that so many relationships nowadays are so often consumed online. People can say whatever they want when hiding behind a screen, they can tell you how much they miss you, and how much they wish they’d be with you but if they truly cared they’d find a way to make you feel their presence in every moment. Relationships should always be worth your time, long-distance even more so. My point is, if you’re not someone’s first choice in love, then they’re not worth your time.

“distant” is rich with social media references. Can you share the inspiration behind incorporating these modern elements into your lyrics?

A: I was scrolling through my Instagram stories when I came across a story that my boyfriend posted of a party he was at, with some new friends I had no idea about. I never felt the distance so much. I knew that person so well and yet I felt like I didn’t know him at all. Social media can really detach you from reality sometimes. You watch people’s life through a screen and when you get tired of them, you simply unfollow them. It’s crazy.

Your collaboration with Phil Boothroyd has been fruitful. How has working with him influenced the sound and direction of “distant”?

A: I think “distant” is the first song we wrote together. We met up at my place, I had this idea: “distant na na na in an instant na na na instagram…”. We immediately vibed and started setting off the scenario from verse 1. He truly helped me put my feelings into words and we genuinely had so much… fun!

With elements of R&B and electro-pop, “distant” has a unique sound. How do you balance these genres while maintaining your distinct style?

A: I once asked one of my tutors at BIMM that same question, afraid that my songs were a bit too dissimilar in genre/mood. I love experimenting and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I love creating pop, catchy tunes but I’m also aware that pop is such a broad realm that takes in so many elements from different genres, and I’m very curious to try new things all the time. I think that it’s the artist’s voice, both as an instrument and as a storyteller that glues it all together.

The title of your upcoming EP ‘i hope you’re having fun’ was inspired by “distant”. Can you tell us more about the connection between the single and the EP’s theme?

A: Yes, the EP is quite ironic overall. Some songs are upbeat and fun whilst others carry a very important message, like “cold” which I released earlier this year. Now that you’re making me think about it, words like “call”, “text” come up quite a few times overall, so it’s all about social media and communications after all.

distant” has been described as a fan-favourite. How do you engage with your audience to understand what resonates with them?

A: I love playing this song live, it’s so catchy and everyone is vibing, posting on Insta and having a good time! I try to keep my social media game up like everyone else, I reply to all the messages and try to be on top of things.

As a WARCHILD support artist and a semi-finalist in the Isle of Wight New Blood competition, how do these accolades influence your musical journey?

A: Being able to raise more than 1000 pounds for WARCHILD is probably my biggest achievement as an artist so far, you know. This is what I’ve always loved about artists. I think that the more influential you are, the higher responsibilities you have as a role model. And of course winning the quarter finals of the Isle of Wight New Blood competition feels great as well, I love the festival and performing there this Summer would be an absolute blast!

Your music draws from your Italian and Serbian heritage. How do these cultural influences manifest in your work, particularly in “distant”?

A: My dad is Italian and my mum is Serbian, and music has always been playing in our house. I grew up singing in these 2 languages, and even though I try to iron my accent, if you pay attention , you can surely hear in my voice some modulations or melismas typical of my heritage.

Looking forward, “distant” teases the direction of your musical career. What can fans expect from Milena Galasso in the coming year?

A: I can’t wait to share my EP and gig with it!