Hey! Your album “Alive” is deeply personal and reflects your journey, struggles, and triumphs. Can you share a bit about what inspired you to create this album and how your personal experiences have shaped the music?

A: Every time I write, my prayer is that I will give hope, inspire, and give life and ‘Alive’ is an example of that. ‘Alive’ was inspired by so many things but a really good summary can be found in song number 6, ‘Alive’ on my album. This song talks about being tied up (enslaved) by sin but Jesus came, rewrote our stories and because of Him we can be free. I was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa, survived several civil wars, moved to Canada without my parents or siblings, now a Juno nominee…so it’s been a journey, but God’s faithfulness has always been there.

You’re a talented pop and R&B singer-songwriter. Could you walk us through your songwriting process? How do you go from an idea or emotion to a fully produced song?

A: Every song is different, there are songs that come to me completely (it could be inspired by an event, etc.) and I can write the whole song in one sitting while others come in pieces, it could be a verse or even just a word. It’s truly a process that can be timely but also a real fun. One thing that’s always constant with every song I write is my communication with God to write from my heart and what He wants His people to hear.

Your single “Change is on the Way” resonated globally, hitting #1 on the Canadian Christian radio charts. What was the inspiration behind this song, and how does it feel to see such a positive reception?

A: Oh, my goodness! It really feels so great and humbling at the same time. ‘Change is on the Way’ was a song I wrote during the pandemic. I work as a full-time float nurse at the hospital, and I usually try to be a positive person no matter what. So, when the pandemic started, I was one of those people who said it would be done in a few months but when it continued for so long, I found myself becoming very overwhelmed especially hearing the same question “When will this be over?” repeatedly, from my patients, my kids and even coworkers. I was at work this day, went into a patient room, and of course asked the same question. So, I found myself praying (at work) asking God what was going on then I heard Him say “Change is on the Way” and that day when I got home, I wrote the entire song.

Congratulations on your JUNO Award nomination for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year. What does this recognition mean to you, especially considering “Alive” is your debut album?

A: Oh Wow…it’s crazy amazing!! Truly, ‘There Must be a God’! This recognition means so much. Honestly, I am still pinching myself to make sure it’s not a dream…haha! I am so grateful beyond words that God would use me in such a way. I say thank you to the Juno Awards, everyone who listens to my music and to all the awesome humans who worked on ‘Alive’ especially my producer, Andrew Horrocks. It’s my hope that this recognition will open doors for sponsors and my music reaches more people.

Born and raised in Liberia and now living in Canada, how have your experiences in these diverse cultures influenced your music style and lyrical themes?

A: I am so grateful for my cultural experiences in both Canada and Liberia. They really make my music unique, authentic, and relatable; every time I write I am reminded of where I came from and where I am.

You started your musical journey singing in churches and with local bands in Liberia. How have these early experiences in music contributed to your development as an artist?

A: You know the one thing I am always very grateful for is that my parents introduced me to God. They didn’t have much in the way of money to give us but truly have given me the greatest gift, faith in Christ. Church music is so inspiring, and I see that in my own writing.

Your album serves as a testament to resilience and unwavering faith. How has your faith influenced your approach to music and life challenges?

A: A) There’s a passage in the Bible that says our “faith can move mountains.”

B) (Matt. 17:20-21), and yes, I am a witness it truly can. Having little to no musical training and minimal to no financial support releasing ‘Alive’ took a lot of faith. I believed God had a message for us, His people and whether it meant working several jobs, picking up extra shifts and sleeping less hours, I trusted God and He did the impossible. I am thankful for all the people in my life who pray for me, encourage me and even those who challenge me☺.

Being named the GMA Canada / Covenant Awards Female Vocalist of the Year and receiving several nominations is a significant achievement. How do these accolades impact your career and motivation?

A: GMA Canada was my very first award and nomination for my music. For sure, receiving Female Vocalist of the Year has truly been motivating and has impacted my music in a lot of ways, more radio plays, increase in streams and social media followers (I still need more streams and followers☺) and inspires me to do what I love.

You’ve performed at the GMA Canada Covenant Awards and headlined the Christian Music Festival in Toronto. How do you prepare for these live performances, and what do you hope your audience takes away from your shows?

A: Lots and lots of prayers, rehearsals, in mirror and shower performances…haha etc. But, for sure I am just truly happy to do what I love…. Sing, inspire, give hope, and give life. It’s always my prayer that people will be blessed, experience joy and outbursts of hope, and restoration but especially that my songs become more than just a song but a lifestyle.

With the success of “Alive” and your growing recognition, what future projects are you most excited about? Are there any new themes or musical styles you’re eager to explore in your upcoming work?

A: I have started putting together a list of songs for my next album and it’s, oh my
goodness, so good, so fun and I can’t wait to be back in the studio and get it out for
everyone to hear! I think y’all gonna love it a lot…haha. And yes, there’s new themes
and musical styles.