Hi! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your song “Cheap Red Wine”? What personal experiences or stories influenced its creation?

A: What inspired “Cheap Red Wine” was this constant love drunken affair, when I thought I knew it all. Now I really know it all, and know I’ll regret saying that when I’m 30.

How would you describe the musical style and influences that shaped “Cheap Red Wine”? Are there any specific artists or genres that inspired this track?

A: Pop rock is just the same four chords over and over again, so there’s an endless catalogue to take inspiration from. Of course there were artists that inspired us. However When In May is incomparable, and we don’t want to be compared to any bands. When In May is something unique. 

What is the main message or theme you wanted to convey through “Cheap Red Wine,” and why do you think it resonates with your audience?

A: The theme is sexualizing the undesirable, and it resonates because it’s a goddamn bop.

How has your band’s unique background and experiences contributed to the sound and lyrics of “Cheap Red Wine”?

A: Well, the experience is being love drunk. My dad used to say “drink ’em pretty” but I try to drink them sane.

Can you walk us through your creative process for writing and composing “Cheap Red Wine”? How do you typically collaborate as a band during this process?

A: For this track the instrumental came first, and the lyrics became a therapy session for me. Like any other band it starts with an idea and you build off of it.

How do you feel “Cheap Red Wine” represents your band’s evolution and growth since your formation? In what ways does it mark a departure or continuity from your previous work?

A: When In May does not continue any other project, it is it’s own. As far as evolution, since this is the first single you can consider this the big bang.

Are there any memorable moments or challenges you encountered while recording “Cheap Red Wine” that you’d like to share?

A: I started writing this song with one girl in mind, but by the end of production it was about a few.

Looking ahead, what can fans expect from The When In May in terms of future projects or musical direction? Are there any upcoming releases or collaborations in the works?

A:There’s more singles planned ahead for 2024, and you’ll have to follow to find out.

How do you see your band’s sound and style evolving in the next few years? Are there any new musical territories you’re interested in exploring?

A:When In May isn’t confined to one genre. We know our box and we’re looking to expand it with each and every song we put out.

Lastly, for aspiring musicians who look up to The When In May, what advice would you give for creating impactful and authentic music like “Cheap Red Wine”?

A:Make something your younger self would think is the coolest thing they’ve ever heard.