Proverbial Cool Aid’s latest album, “2023,” serves as a testament to the band’s growth and evolution, marking a triumphant return for the group and exemplifying their mastery of songwriting. Departing from their initial sound, this album takes a more minimalist approach, placing a spotlight on the compelling vocals.

Damen Martin, the band’s leader and PCA founder, delivers a remarkable vocal performance that combines vulnerability and strength, captivating listeners. This album is the result of a year-long recording journey helmed by Martin and produced by Josh Applebee at Wire Road Studios in Houston.

Among the standout tracks is ‘It Goes Sometimes,’ an indie-rock anthem exploring lost love with influences from 2000s pop-punk acts. Another notable piece is ‘Sick & Pool Hall,’ a refreshing addition to the nu-metal genre since the turn of the century. Proverbial Cool Aid’s dedication to sharing their music with a broader audience is evident through their upcoming 21-city, 14-state, month-long Eastern US tour commencing in late October. This tour underscores their unwavering commitment to bringing their music to a wider fanbase.

“2023” is a captivating album that highlights Proverbial Cool Aid’s evolution as a band, showcasing their artistic passion and creativity with a more stripped-down yet emotionally resonant approach that places vocals at the forefront. The album is available on all streaming platforms and anticipates a vinyl release. Whether you’ve been a long-time fan or are just discovering their music, “2023” is undoubtedly worth a listen.