The three-piece band wastes no time in immersing listeners into the track. The suspenseful opening guitar riff immediately captivates the audience. However, attention quickly shifts to frontman Matt, whose powerful vocal performance takes center stage.

The verses skillfully build up to a climactic outburst. The band’s tight cohesion, particularly the precise drum patterns, acts as the glue that holds the track together. This display of unity creates a suspenseful buildup leading into the chorus.

As the song progresses, the imagery within the lyrics becomes incredibly vivid. The frontman delivers a beautiful chorus, highlighted by the line “We could be more,” which carries significant emotional weight. The band describes the track as “an anthem and a rallying cry initially written for [their hometown of] Sunderland, UK. The scars of the 1980s still linger […]” These historical events and the complex range of emotions associated with them are palpable not only in the lyrics but also in the instrumentation of the track. The song truly reflects the sentiments of the people of Sunderland and the greater northeast of the UK. As listeners, we experience the slow verses and the defiant, proud choruses, perfectly capturing the essence of their hometown.

The band has released this brilliant and moving new single as a preview of their debut album, ‘Mean World Syndrome,’ which promises to be a record of exceptional quality, if ‘Lost Boys’ is any indication.

Fans can certainly look forward to the album’s release later this year. It is undeniable that the latest single will resonate with many and be appreciated by even more. Belle Mt. has created a track they can truly be proud of in ‘Lost Boys,’ and fans have a song they can thoroughly enjoy!