This is SLOE JACK’s first release since his powerful 2022 album ‘BACKSTAB’. The initial sample from his upcoming collection of songs sets the tone. His tightly compressed and almost claustrophobic production creates an intense and relentless experience. With aggressively repetitive lyrics, SLOE JACK rhymes like a welterweight boxer, delivering quick jabs that leave a mark.

“Break shit, getcha with the brain box
Break shit, yeah, get your fists up like this”

It’s surprising how calm he appears in interviews, perhaps his music serves as a catharsis that keeps him grounded. And indeed, it is cathartic. It’s like riding a high-speed bike without a helmet, following a loose yet deliberate formula. The punk-influenced bass draws us in, initially thin and persistent, then becoming thick and bouncy when the drums kick in. This 96-second banger runs on pure aggression, devoid of peace and love. There are no religious statements or hallelujahs, although a brief amen break teases us before becoming the focal point. Suddenly, we find ourselves in Drum and Bass territory, with hints of the old UK Garage sound. SLOE JACK freely traverses genres, with the only constant being “keep it banging!”

It’s almost over before it starts, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next hit. What does SLOE JACK have in store for us next? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing’s for sure, he’ll definitely make an impact (metaphorically, at least).