Berlin-based synthpop duo Bromsen pay homage to fallen music icons with their hauntingly beautiful new single “Read About It”. Drawing inspiration from the lives of passionate artists, the song serves as a poignant tribute to those who dedicated themselves wholly to their craft. As the melancholic synth melody unfolds, Bromsen showcases their musical prowess, building to an emotional mid-song crescendo with the cry “Hear me now”. The track’s sonic layers create an atmospheric quality that accentuates its introspective exploration of artistry and personal sacrifice. Though nostalgic in its synth-driven flair, Bromsen bring a modern edge to their “indietronica” style.

“Read About It” is a masterful blend of synthpop, synthwave and indie rock influences, indicating Bromsen’s potential for rising through the ranks of electronic music. With its luxurious ambiance and intricate songcraft, this single is an exceptional addition to their catalog. Its danceable yet wistful mood leaves listeners eagerly anticipating what’s next from this promising duo.