A few years back, I started dabbling in meditation, and let me tell you, it wasn’t a walk in the park. It was like all my bottled-up anxiety was in a frenzy. I couldn’t help but recall that turbulent phase when I stumbled upon the title of Crystal Sound Project’s latest album, Confronting Silence. It’s a potent pairing of words that resonates with the struggles many of us face. 

The album is divided into three compositions: “Confronting Silence – Part 1,” “Confronting Silence – Part II” and “The Moon Song.” Initially, I thought they should have been melded into one continuous piece, but the decision to keep them separate surprisingly works well. One standout feature of this release is how it emulates the meditative experience. 

It’s like you’re wrestling with your thoughts while being grounded in a serene and gentle musical foundation. The instrumentation feels organic, meticulously recorded, and unrestrained—be it the percussion, keys or vocals. They ebb and flow, much like your thoughts during meditation. What’s remarkable is the album’s unhurried pace, mirroring the patience of meditation. 

It’s content with dwelling on the right note, and there are moments of sheer beauty intertwined with shades of melancholy and contemplation. This is the kind of music that can be therapeutic. While it’s enjoyable in any context, its true strength shines when you’re battling anxiety and depression. It has the ability to soothe your nerves and bring a sense of inner peace. That’s the magic of music.