Wilson Getchell, the frontman behind the ensemble Thirsty Curses, steps into the spotlight with his debut EP, the audacious and aptly titled This To That. Getchell was able to creatively indulge in a way that’s not so easy with other members. Getchell declares, “I was able to throw those concerns out the window and just do whatever I wanted.”  

The EP kicks off with “Brand New Nintendo,” evoking an effortlessly loose, almost saloon-like ambiance reminiscent of bands like The Walkmen. Instantly striking are the spirited and heartfelt vocals that infuse the track with a contagious sense of drunken joy. The placement of horns within the mix enhances the overall song, demonstrating a keen sense of musical craftsmanship. Following suit, “This Just Might Take Some Time” maintains the carefree essence, boasting a well-defined chorus and an exceptional outro embellished with rolling toms and velvety saxophone. 

The celebratory saloon vibes persist with “Trauma Queen,” featuring a fusion of spoken word elements and a chorus that etches itself into memory. “Fifty Straight Nights” unfolds with a foundation of guitar and vocals, highlighted by the emergence of a captivating walking bass line. While maintaining a similar atmosphere, there’s a subtle undercurrent of melancholy that adds depth to the sonic narrative. 

Concluding the EP is “Are You Still There” which takes a slight departure from the preceding tracks, relying on the delicate interplay of piano and orchestral strings. It stands as the most pensive and emotionally resonant offering, effortlessly transitioning into a cathartic, rock-driven crescendo. 

This To That is a great EP that above all else displays some very solid songwriting. Each track presents a unique facet of Getchell’s creative vision, resulting in a collection that is cohesive and enjoyable. From start to finish, this EP delivers.