Austin Willacy’s EP, “Gonna Be Alright”, is a captivating musical voyage through the intricacies of human feelings, where the artist deftly uses different genres to tell the story of the human spirit. All five tracks on this album are a true reflection of Austin’s talent in narration, where hope, perseverance, and the essence of human relationships are all present in spite of the difficulties of life.

The chemistry between Willacy and Rich Jacques, a Grammy-winning producer, is evident. It leads to the creation of a soundscape that is both innovative and deeply moving. The title song, “Gonna Be Alright,” is a soulful anthem about the bond of siblings, it powerfully reflects the sorrows of separation and the deep faith in reunion. “Saw You in the Light” is a song that honors a friend who is no longer with us, creating a piece of art that is both bittersweet and hopeful. As The Police and Tracy Chapman are his influences, his music is a unifying force that brings hope and healing to a wide audience. This EP is not only a collection of songs; it is a strong message that vulnerability is a source of strength and unbreakable bonds that determine our lives.