WCB’s “Picnics & Liquor” is a great mix of indie-electro sounds with a pop touch that reflects what a splendid time we had together at a picnic with friends. Having been born and brought up in Auckland, NZ, the singer-songwriter and producer incorporates a sense of nostalgia and rejoicing in his song that is reminiscent of his personal experiences. WCB’s use of layered vocals, organs, and synths, makes the music sound harmonious and inviting, which is not something you come across in the indie music scene.

The song not only illustrates his technical competence, acquired at Ableton Liveschool but also his ability to craft stories that relate to people on a personal level. The video that accompanies the song is shot entirely on an iPhone and has a “Midsommar”-meets-“Alice in Wonderland” vibe, which demonstrates the art direction and visual storytelling skills of the WCB. “Picnics & Liquor” is a testimony to the artistic skills of WCB, his deep relationship with nature, and his ability to take his listeners on a spiritual and immersive musical journey.