KINGD!VOSTRUT’s “Doing It My Way” is a powerful and exciting new entry into the American rap scene that expertly layers the timeless echoes of old-school hip-hop with a fresh and contemporary style. KINGD!VOSTRUT’s first single is a powerful demonstration of his individuality as an artist in terms of sound and storytelling. It also offers listeners an insight into his creative universe where the traditional rap rules are rewritten.

The track’s production, which was a brilliant contribution from Gabe and a Sizzle CEO, George Taylor, is a blend of old and new music styles that perfectly match the rapper’s verses. Jerome Baker’s singing voice is the icing on the cake, for it is the final touch that gives the song a memorable tone that will linger in your mind long after the music stops. “Doing it My Way” portrays the artist’s creative vision and the fact that he is destined to be a role model for a new generation through the quick and effective writing process which is also evident in its impactful delivery. Not just a debut, this song is the statement also, it is the one that makes listeners look forward to future releases like the next one from KINGD!VOSTRUT.