“Trans Global Amnesia”, Underdog’s latest album, is a fantastic illustration of the rock dynamic spectrum, utilizing the band’s talent to maneuver between joyful anthems and dreamy travels with apparent ease. The album is a masterpiece due to the absolutely stunning guitar work and superfast sounds which create a very rich and atmospheric listening experience.

Every song is carefully crafted by the artist and includes the most powerful lyrics and the best harmonies that connect with listeners. The band weaves in and out of different styles, and the result is astonishing as they deftly move from fast-paced rockers to slow-paced ballads, showing their remarkable musicality and emotional depth. “Trans Global Amnesia” is a showcase of a band going beyond rock music borders and it is evidence of their innovative approach to the genre. This album is not only a fun ride but also a voyage to the unknown realm of rock music, which is presented in different styles. Thanks to the fascinating compositions and the great performances, “Trans Global Amnesia” confirms the fact that Underdog is a rock band capable of being a leading force in the music industry.