Liposuction’s new single, “Pour Some Dollars On Me”, is a pop-rock anthem that brilliantly captures the essence of yearning and desire in the face of missed opportunities and financial constraints. The singer Sunday Hunter is the multi-talented behind the song and shows her prowess in songwriting, production, and performance. The groove-infused bass of Shannon Kilcoyne and the rhythmic precision of drummer James Hurwood accompany her.

This track not only resonates with the universal struggle for financial freedom but also marks an exciting crescendo in anticipation of their forthcoming EP, “Octopussy”. With its compelling mix of raw honesty and catchy melodies, “Pour Some Dollars On Me” is set to be a chart-topping hit, embodying the collective desire for security and the thrill of excitement. It is proof of Liposuction’s maturing sound and their sense of being able to touch listeners’ feelings.