SERENA’s “Lipstick On A Glass” is a shimmering testament to self-empowerment and the transformative power of makeup, capturing the essence of personal reinvention with a hint of camp. Through an eclectic blend of influences, SERENA constructs a musical journey reminiscent of old-school Björk, with the hypnotic drum loops of Massive Attack, and the luxurious vocals echoing Gwen Stefani.

This single marks a bold evolution in SERENA’s sound, embedding irony and self-reflection within its layers. Growing up in Italy and honing her craft in London, SERENA’s diverse influences and rich musical background shine through, making “Lipstick On A Glass” not just a song, but an experience that resonates deeply with listeners. With mesmerizing visuals in its music video, SERENA invites her audience into a vibrant world of transformation and self-discovery, solidifying her place as a prolific and independent artist whose creativity knows no bounds.