Hi! What inspired the creation of “Entwined”, and how does it reflect your journey from Barcelona to Berlin?

A: We wrote Entwined just before catching an early flight to Barcelona from Berlin. I was going to visit friends and family there. I could say Entwined was written as a catharsis of overcoming all the toxic relationships I had back in my Barcelona days and how good is being back and being feeling outgrown and had passed all of this.

Your sound is often described as a blend of ethereal and noisy elements, reminiscent of bands like Galaxie 500 and The Cure. How have these influences shaped the sound of “Entwined”?

A: I can’t say I wrote this intentionally. I heard so many times these bands, a piece of them remained in my song writing. 

Candy and Sergi, you’ve been collaborating musically for a long time. Can you describe how this dynamic played into the development of “Entwined” and your upcoming EP “All I Wanted”?

A: I guess it is a matter of time being writing music together. With time we wrote better songs and better music until we wanted to record an EP. We chose our best song at the time and reshaped them to have a cohesive piece of work.

Candy, your other-worldly vocals and Sergi’s jangly guitar leads are a signature of Pretty Average’s sound. How did you blend these elements in “Entwined” to create its unique atmosphere?

A: The self-conscious vocals combined with the raw guitars and drumbeats create an introvert musical atmosphere that releases its demons by the end of the song.

Since its release, how has “Entwined” been received by your fans, especially in comparison to your earlier work?

A: Since this is our first single from our debut EP, it has been received much better than we ever expected. Some people gave us their support and we felt rewarded to keep working on new material.

Berlin has a rich and diverse music scene. How has immersing yourself in this environment influenced the sound and style of the band?

A: The fact we could collaborate with many other musicians since our arrival in the city reshaped our sound made us more confident to show our strengths as artists. I would say all the good ideas and aspirations came way before Berlin but living here helped us give more perspective to our music creation.

How do you think you’ve grown as artists and individuals since the inception of Pretty Average, and how is this growth reflected in “Entwined”?

A: We did music together for a long time but never with a full band, which we loved since we tried. The formation of the band helped our music being more intense and cohesive. Particularly Entwined was shaped in its form thanks if being working as a full band.

Looking beyond “Entwined” and your upcoming tour, what are some long-term creative aspirations or dream projects for Pretty Average?

A: Our main goal for now is to keep doing it for as long as we can. Although is not always on our side, we believe we have to keep reinventing ourselves every day and thinking of challenging projects to keep things interesting.