Hey! Can you share the inspiration behind your new single “Someday Sunday” and what the song means to you personally?

A: “Someday Sunday” came from a conversation I was having with friends. It really talks about taking time for granted. I think sometimes we look at our loved ones and think, one day I want to do this…whether it’s watching the sun go down while you share a bottle of red wine with your love, or choosing to make time to create a unique memory with your kids. “Someday Sunday” is about making that decision to say this is the day, this is our “Someday Sunday”.

“Someday Sunday” has been described as an upbeat, feel-good country tune. How did the collaboration with Jason McCoy contribute to achieving this vibe?

A: Jason is such a great writer, we have written more since then, and I’m always amazed at his ability to riff, and focus until he finds the line he is looking for. We were at a show, talking about our girls. We are both proud horse dads! We thought we’d write a song about that, but when I gave him that line, he just jumped right in, and ran with it. It was a really fun co-write.

The production of “Someday Sunday” was handled by Pete Lesperance. What was it like working with him, and how did his expertise influence the final sound of the track?

A: Pete is a gem. He’s got that melodic rock background from his days with Harem Scarem. I find he has a unique approach to harmony and melody, and you can hear it all over his production style. He is my secret sauce when it comes to treatments and arrangements.

Your music is deeply influenced by your rural roots in Manitoba’s Prairie heartland. How do these influences reflect in “Someday Sunday”?

A: I always like to write what I know. And I can tell you the exact stretch of road I’m referring to in the song. The Truck, which bottle of wine etc. So much of this song is storytelling a snapshot of my life. Painted with words and storytelling, but my rural roots are all over this tune.

“Someday Sunday” is about cherishing quality time with loved ones. How do you balance your busy career with personal time, and has this song changed your perspective on spending time with family and friends?

A: I don’t think the song has changed anything, I think I am already thinking in that headspace. I love to be on the road, and I love traveling this country with my best friends, but it is hard to be away. You miss the routine, the normalcy. But when I am home, I just want to do things together. Time together becomes far more important. Time to ski, hike, ride horses, camp. I like to always be moving, and usually to places with no cell service. That’s when I really feel at peace.

With a successful career and over one million digital streams to date, how does “Someday Sunday” represent the evolution of your music style?

A: My sound and live show have definitely been evolving over the last few years. I still love the soft seater, storytelling / folk side of my music, but we are finding success these days in larger venues with my 6 piece band rocking 90s influenced material. It’s every corn dog fair and rodeo you can think of. I am really embracing it.

You’ve won multiple Manitoba Country Music Association awards, including the Fans Choice Award. How do accolades like these impact your approach to music and songwriting?

A: That’s a great question. I don’t know if they have an impact on my writing style, but I have definitely learned what it feels like to play a song in a town you’ve never been to, only to experience people you don’t even know, running to the stage to sing your own songs back to you…its like I have experienced what that feels like, and want every song I put out to have that same tug on the ears for all our fans.

You co-wrote “Someday Sunday” with Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee Jason McCoy. Can you share a memorable moment or a key takeaway from the songwriting process?

A: Writing with Jason I could help but feel like his process and instincts and riffing was so next level. I remember thinking, man this guy is so good. He must have written 10,000 songs. And the reality is that he is soooo good because he has written 10,000 songs, likely more!

Your live performances are known to move dance floors and provide an engaging experience for your audience. How do you plan to bring the energy of “Someday Sunday” to your live shows?

A: Our live show is all about creating moments, and memories and connections with fans at our shows. That’s always our pre-show pep talk. How are we going to make tonight special for the people who came to see us. The general message of the song translates well because it’s a love song, but not an “I love you, can’t be without you” kind of love song. This is a song that says I love you, I treasure you and I value your relationship, and this is how I will make time to prove that to you. I am really excited to see it slotted into our live performance, and witness how the words find ways to connect with fans and help to create these memories and moments.

“Someday Sunday” encourages listeners to live without regrets and to cherish the present. What message do you hope fans take away from the song, and how do you apply this philosophy in your own life?

A: All too often we take time for granted, thinking we can create these moments with the ones we love next week, next month, next year, but we don’t put enough weight into committing to make it happen. We take it for granted and all too often lose the opportunity due to changes in life circumstances. I hope fans go out of their way to commit these ideas into actions, demonstrating commitment to making memories that last maybe longer than the time we thought we had. I hope they make a stand in their relationship saying “today is our Someday Sunday.”